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Inicia tu negocio en línea con el programa Reseller hosting de Hosting Reseller hosting es el primer paso para empezar tu propia marca de hosting web. Elige entre 2 potentes planes de reseller hosting. Da el siguiente paso en el mundo del hosting y empieza tu propio viaje de reseller hosting. Si eres un desarrollador web, esta es la manera perfecta para tener a todos tus clientes organizados en un mismo lugar.

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Soluciones de reseller hosting todo en uno sin limitaciones y con posibilidades sin fin. Los planes de reseller hosting incluyen una licencia gratuita de cPanel y WHM, que es conocida como la plataforma líder de panel de hosting en todo el mundo. Reseller hosting es un tipo de hosting web en el cual el dueño puede usar sus recursos asignados para venderle paquetes de hosting a todo el mundo. Te da acceso a WHM , el cual puedes usar para crear cuentas de cPanel separadas con límites de recursos personalizados. No limitamos la cantidad de cuentas de cPanel que puedes crear siempre y cuando tengas recursos disponibles para soportarlas como espacio en disco.

Si llegas al límite, puedes pedir un plan de reseller hosting adicional y alojar a tus nuevos clientes allí. Puedes registrar una cuenta de revendedor de dominios. It is like starting your own web hosting company. We give you the ability to fully create and be responsible for the management of other accounts.

As a reseller, you are the hosting company. You can create your own logo and your own company name, and market your hosting services to other prospective customers. When customers sign up, they are signing up as your customers, even though the underlying server infrastructure still belongs to A2 Hosting. You can create as many accounts as you would like. Customers who sign up through you will pay you for the services through your own billing portal, called WHMCS, which we will provide you. You pay A2 Hosting a wholesale rate for each reseller account, and then you can charge your customers however much you would like, and keep the net profits.

A reseller hosting account is a great way to earn passive income. All you have to do is market your own brand, bill as well as support your customers. It is a fully turnkey system that will allow you to literally hit the ground running and start making money right away. You do not have to build any systems or put any processes in place from scratch like you would have to do if you were starting your hosting business from the ground up.

Another popular use for reseller accounts is to keep the management of each of your domains separate, using their own cPanel systems for each one. If you have different teams managing different websites, and you have a need to restrict access to each so that each team can only manage their own website through cPanel, then a reseller hosting account can also work in your favor, with this regard.

Managing multiple accounts in bulk is more cost-effective through reseller hosting than by paying for several individual shared hosting plans. There are a number of advantages to choosing a Linux reseller hosting package.

Linux offers a user-interface that is entirely command-line based. Linux offers many advantages in terms of scripting, such as the ability to write programs and scripts in Perl, PHP, and Shell. You have the ability to manage automation jobs, create CGI scripts and manage your files. The Linux environment is generally more forgiving and stable when it comes to configuration changes or configuration mishaps. Linux is a robust platform for a multi-platform, multi-process environment, since it is not bound to a graphical user interface that the user must interact with.

Unless you specifically need support for ASP or. Otherwise you will want to select a Windows reseller hosting package. Here is a sample business plan that you can follow, to start running a profitable reseller linux hosting business from day one:. Step 1: You brand yourself as Company XYZ, with your own logo, website and domain name.

Step 2: You decide to subdivide your total allocation into 10 equal sub-accounts. Each account will be allotted 6 GB of disk space, and will be entitled to 60 GB of bandwidth. As you can see, becoming a web hosting reseller can provide to be quite a lucrative business model.

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It is largely hands-off, once you do the initial setup of your business. You can focus on all of the marketing, under your own brand-name, while A2 Hosting takes care of the rest. And this business model is quite scalable as well. The more customers you retain, the more passive income revenue you will be able to generate every single month. Consejos para el desarrollo Web, estrategias de marketing y novedades de A2 Hosting enviadas a su email. Usamos cookies con el fin de personalizar para usted nuestro sitio Web y analizar el uso de éste.

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